Update from Lisa in Mexico

Just got this email and wanted to share it with those of you praying for our friend Lisa in Mexico…

welp, we made it safe and sound here in Cancun. God has been so faithful & humorous with the way He´s been honoring our prayers. Going through customs was a breeze, we had the NICEst flight attendants, a bit of turbulence but it made Joe (who was flying for the first time) enjoy the ride all the more– comparing it to a rollercoaster!

When we arrived, we waited around the airport for our ride. One of the taxi drivers saw two of our guys playing guitar and asked if he could play it. Turns out he plays guitar for his church and right there in the middle of Cancun´s airport parking lot we had worship … being lead by a taxi driver. it was so unexpected & amazing…

today we are scoping out the town and getting more details about what we´ll be doing and the culture. please pray for us… we need to be culturally sensitive, united, and fearless.

i love you! te amo!

They’re not on the beaches of Cancun…they’re in the parts where natives are hurting and living in absolute poverty. Please continue to pray for Lisa and her YWAM group.



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