100th Post and 307 Visits

Evidently my life is a little more interesting than I thought. This post makes my 100th post on this blog, and yesterday my views topped 300. I now have people feeding my blog into their personal pages. My blog was on WordPress’s list of 100 growing blogs two days ago. Guess I can’t begin disappointing you now. Too much pressure…what will I write…okay, I’ve always got something to say, so it’s really not that big of a deal.

Last night was great. Chel and I definitely had a wow moment last night as we were walking through the halls of a studio to get to the room we were practicicing in for the prison. Of course we didn’t record anything, it was just for rehearsal, but it was still an amazing feeling.

When it comes to vocals and piano, I’m not insecure b/c I know just what my limitations arre, but with the sax, I tend to get incredibly insecure. Last night was no different. The more I played, the better reactions I got. The more the night went on, the better I felt and the more I could hear in my head. Made me miss my FC days with Let the Rain of Your Presence and Holy Spirit Rain Down and all the Bethany World Prayer Center stuff. UC, I promise you’ll be hearing more of the sax in upcoming weeks.

Documents to format, templates to develop and style guides to update….I can’t wait to actually deliver training again…I miss being in front of a class room…



2 thoughts on “100th Post and 307 Visits

  1. Adam T.

    Man I miss hearing you play and that is one thing that I was going to ask you to do when I was there but I forgot and that is ok; because I know that I will get to hear you play again one day. The family says hi and we love you both.


  2. Melanie

    Mr. Popularity… Just kidding! There are so many people that haven’t heard from you in a while that are anxious to see what God is doing in your lives and this is one really good way of finding out. I haven’t been able to catch up on ya’ll in a while- ya know, family, school, stuff. Anyway glad to see that you and Chelsea are still doing good and movin’ on up! You too are greatly loved and greatly missed!

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