In the Spotlight…Pam Adams

This week’s spotlight lands on Pam Adams!
As if working two jobs (she’s a lab technician at Vandy) and raising two teenagers wasn’t enough, Pam is our one and only computer techie on Sunday mornings. Pam has been at almost every setup and hasn’t missed a service. On any given weekend she puts in at least 8 good hours just into running the computers/videos for our services. I met Pam at our second vision night, and I knew she was dedicated to making IT happen, whatever IT would be. Pam didn’t come into this area with much knowledge, but I’m pretty sure she knows more than I do about all of it now. UC cannot say thank you enough to this woman for her hardwork.

We’re looking for someone who can step in and help Pam by giving her a break and alternating weeks with her. If you’re interested, drop me an email at


3 thoughts on “In the Spotlight…Pam Adams

  1. Ray LeGrand

    Yay We Love Pam! She’s also great for a story. I just wonder if working as a lab technician at Vandy, maybe she knows my friend Brooke Norsworthy?!

  2. Frankie Ferguson

    Hey !!! That’s my daughter !! of whom I am very proud-Thanks Pam, you are great to me ! God bless and keep you–

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