Ahhhh! My head’s starting to look like a shaggy dog. This will be the first time since we’ve moved that I’ve gotten my hair cut in Nash. We’ve been driving back to AR to let my sister cut it, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ve got to find a stylist I can trust, so if you guys could recommend some, I’d appreciate it!



6 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. Patti LeGrand

    I used to live in Bellevue and go to the Dilliard’s hair salon in the mall. My stylist isn’t there anymore, but I used to watch people get there hair done by the manager there. Her name is Debra. She would do a great job.

    We have a friend who cuts hair and is great. Her name is Amanda Lawson and she works at Bishops in Bellevue. It’s a great salon, but a bit pricy.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Ray LeGrand

    Don’t lsiten to my wife! March into Bishops Salon right in Bellevue (behind the plaza with McDonalds, Burger King, etc…) and demand to see Amanda Lawson – She’s worth every penny! Their number is 646-2722

  3. Vicky A.

    If your looking for a good stylist that is not pricey then I have the person for you. Jody @ Jagged Edge 799-2011. The only thing is that she is in Fairview. But I look at it this way. If someone is willing to drive all the way to razorback country to get a hair cut then they would be more then willing to take a nice short drive down Highway 100, 15 minutes from Bellevue for the same thing (not really). But if for some reason you can’t make it to Fairview and would consider a cut like Kevin’s you can go to any of the walk-in places and get the same thing. Just a suggestion

  4. I finally found a post that got some good reactions. I think I’ll try Bishop’s this time around, seems like a couple of you like it. Guess I’ll give them a call in a few minutes and schedule an appointment.

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