I think I just sleep better when my parents are in the apartment. It’s something about just feeling safer when they’re around. Last night before my parents went to be we were reminiscing about some pictures we took on Easter of 1990. I had them send the pictures when they got home this evening. (I think the matching suspenders might be over the top, lol)

Me and Dad, 1990 and 2007

The whole fam in 1990 and me and mom in 2007

Me and my beautiful wife

After service this morning we went and enjoyed an Easter lunch at Jim N Nicks. Yummo!

Tonight was also fantastic! We had 17 folks at the apartment this evening. I grilled burgers, hot dogs and brats and it wasn’t bad if I do say so myself. Homemade salsa, guac, Jillian’s amazing nachos, and Becca’s friendship bread. Thank you all so much for coming over. By the time everyone left we were exauhsted and elated all at the same time. It was great to have so many over to the house. We absolutely love having people in the house, which is why I’ve got a special announcement for tomorrow’s blog…stay tuned for more…



3 thoughts on “Family

  1. Robin

    ok…these are to cute. poor little nick, he looks so sad…lol. amber & josh still look the same to me only older. it does not even look like you at all to me. and bk and tina…well what can i say it was the 80’s…lol. it is so weird to see him with hair!

    love ya

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