New Old Car

Yay! After driving the broken down ’93 Pathfinder for 3 years, I’m moving up – to a ’98 Honda Accord. My Aunt and Uncle basically gave it to us. I’d been praying for a couple of weeks about what to do about a car whenever my aunt and uncle called. The car is in fantastic condition, and I get to have an A/C! Woohoo! I’m guessing I can get at least 3 years out of this car and another 3 out of the Sunfire. We made a commitment to life with little or no debt, and the Lord has worked things out for us in an amazing way!

The car even came with Hogs’ license plate already attached to the front!photo_040707_001.jpg



One thought on “New Old Car

  1. Aunt Lori

    Nice Car Matthew! I love the Razorback plate! I have been reading your blog & know how hard it is to be a Hog fan in a foreign land so I left the license plate on purpose!! Enjoy the car & God Bless!!

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