I think we all have multiiple dreams during our lifetimes. Recently, one of mine has been playing the piano and leading worship at the same time. Those don’t come easily to me, so this morning was a test of my dream. Since moving to Nash, I haven’t played keys at all during any of our services. We knew we wanted to do Lee McDerment’s arrangement of Go Tell it On the Mountain. I did it this morning and it came out okay. I missed a chord or two, but it was still powerful as UCers wrote the names of the people that they were praying for salvationn for. My prayer was that I could be invisible while people still heard the words of the song. It was just that. I don’t think people were “amazed” by me, but I also don’t think I was a distraction, which was the exact balance I was looking for.

The good news is that my dream gets to live on. It went well. I have to spend more time working on keeping my rhythm while playing, but the door’s not shut just yet.



2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Ray LeGrand

    Matthew – You did an awesome job on this one. My whole family remarked how good it was and they are pretty tough critics…

  2. Shannon

    We were excited to see how the Lord is moving in your church body. The presence of the Lord was so sweet yesterday morning. And we may be a little bias but we think the Praise and Worship Team is AMAZING!!! Love you guys!

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