This weekend during worship I mentioned that there were a couple of different reasons mentioned in the Bible for clapping. I thought I’d put a little more about that on my blog this week. It’s more than about keeping rhythm while the band is playing. Here are a couple of reasons:

Proverbs 11:21 tells us to rejoice, and that even the trees of the fields will clap their hands. Sometimes clapping is for rejoicing. Ever listen to a story and laugh so hard you start clapping? Ever see such a good movie or show that you clap afterwards because it just makes you that excited? That’s some folks’ reaction during worship. It’s okay to be so excited about worship that you have to let it out by clapping.

Psalms 47:1 tell us to clap for triumph. Sometimes clapping is about being victorious in the Christian life. Ever been to a sports game where your team won? I’m not much of an athlete myself, but I’ve attended my share of basketball games (Chel was a post on her HS basketball team). When your team wins, how do you react? I know when Arkansas crucified TN during the NCAA Football season, we were standing and clapping – hoopin’ and hollarin’ (that’s how we say it in Arkansas).

2 Kings 11:12 describes how the people clapped during the corronation of the King. I once went to see the President speak. When he walked onto the stage, I think we clapped for 3 minutes straight. We didn’t do it because we liked him (though we do), we did it to honor the position that he holds. Sometimes clapping is just to welcome the King of Kings into His church. I guess if ole’ W. deserves 3 minutes, the Lord deserves a little more.

Those are some examples…there are more, but I thought that would be a good start…



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