The Fruit of Self-Control

Confession time: over the past couple of months, my physical condition has reflected that I have refused to allow the Holy Spirit to control some areas of my life. Tomorrow begins a new start. I have low blood sugar, which requires me to maintain a low amount of sugar intake.

All that to say, I’m going to take some steps to stretch myself

Beginning tomorrow:
-I’ll be doing some kind of cardio work out 3 times a week. (Probably 30 minutes on a treadmill)
-Reduction of my simple sugar intake (Breads/Pasta/Sweets/Rice)
-I’ll be reading the bible from beginning to end (I’ve never read cover to cover)
-Complete one book a month (I hate reading)
-Start attending shows/concerts for varying artists of varying styles to watch transitions/check gear

My goals:
-Lose 30 pounds in the first 30 days (it’s a tough goal and chances of me actually hitting it are small, but if you don’t set high goals, you won’t work for them)
-Get my body ready to handle the strain of ministry (ministry is tough on the body/mind/spirit, and I need to prepare myself to handle the strain that comes with it)
-Get a more global perspective on the Word, ministry, music, and how they all work together at UC
-Increase my energy level

That’s all for now.


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