New City

You would think that in a city this big, finding a clinic/hosptial would be easy…but it’s just not that way. Where we’re from, there’s one hospital and one 24-hour clinic, so choices are really limited. We had a scare on Sunday and thought we were going to have to take Chel to the ER because her pain was so intense. The clinic that’s not far from us had a 2.5 hour wait. We didn’t know which hospital to go to, either. It was truly frustrating…

We’ve got to get our doctors and all the medical stuff lined out for Nashville. It was a pretty intimidating situation to be in. Chel came through fine, but it’s one more experience in the process of moving away from everything you know…

As frustrating and scary as that can be…Uprising, you’re worth it!


2 thoughts on “New City

  1. Robin

    i will try not to sound like a mother..but a good do need to have a doctor and you need to know where the hospital is and how long it takes to get there….i know you know all about plans…i am glad however that she is better. the good lord does answer prayers!!! miss you guys!

  2. Beth Luca

    Wow, so I’m glad to read that Chel is doing better, I had no idea that she was even feeling bad. I’ve missed a lot these past few weeks… I can’t wait to see you two tomorrow night!!!

    Much Love!

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