Chel’s Good

For those of you who were worried about Chel, she’s doing much better. She had to leave between services yesterday morning and she had a terribly rough afternoon, but she was feeling a little better by bed time last night. I haven’t woken her up this morning, but I think she’ll be okay today. I’m pretty sure it was a stomach flu…Lord, I hope I don’t get it.


4 thoughts on “Chel’s Good

  1. Robin

    Tell her we hope she feels better. I pray for fast healing to come to her and I pray that you are protected from getting it too. Tell her all she needs is some food and some good o’l lard from loveless cafe!

  2. Anne

    I was just reading some writings from last Friday. I promise you it sounded like you were talking to yourself. Are you ok?

  3. Pam

    Amen to the Loveless comment – we need to do breakfast this week. I’m off all week! Get better soon Chel – we missed you!

  4. lisa taylor

    wouldn’t that be something if it wasn’t the stomach flu and was in fact a little daniel trying to grow…lisa is a nice name for a girl. it’s good that chels doesn’t have sensitive shins on top of her other health issues because man would that be rough!!!

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