Wow!!! I’m simply amazed.

Each week, we take two hours and make a gym turn into a bonafide worship center. It’s AMAZING! We have 4 folks (including my amazing wife) who setup the entire sound system. There are usually 3 or 4 of us working on putting up the platform. We have 2 folks setting up the lighting each and every week. We have 1 (Pam) who runs the projectors/TV. It gets better and better each and every week. I’m going to post some before a d afterr pictures tomorrow so you have some idea of the transformation that takes place.

We couldn’t do it without each and every one of you. Many churches who do a plant are still just trying to get something together after 6 weeks off setting up. We have a setup that I believe is excellent! We’re not “settling.” Our vision has been to be cutting edge from the very first week, and I think we are! We’re looking for every opportunity to grow and be more cutting edge, but we just couldn’t do it without our amazing setup team! You folks are incredible! I’m going to try names, but I am afraid I’ll leave someone out..

Thanks Pam!
Thanks Cliff!
Thanks Zack!
Thanks David!
Thanks Dave!
Thanks Becca!
Thanks Ron!
Thanks Linda!
Thanks David!
Thanks Micki!
Thanks Tracy!
Thanks Daniel!
Thanks Patty!
Thanks Ray!
Thanks Elaine!

And in this week from Pine Bluff, Arkansas:
Thanks Brent!
Thanks Robin!

If I missed you, I’m sorry! You guys are amazing. Our team works great together, but we could use “back-ups” for each of those folks. If you’re interested in learning how to help us setup and be a part of the setup team, call me or drop me an email:


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