Coming for a Visit!!!

Hey guys!

We’re coming home for a very short visit. We’re going to leave as soon as we get done tearing down on Sunday, February 18th. I’m off work on the 19th, and I’ll probably work from the Office in PB on the 20th or from home, and then drive back to Nash on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Yea!!!

We’re going to try to make it for the Sunday night service on the 18th (if FC is having one, it’s not on the church calendar). We’ve got some stuff to do, but I think we just want to be back in White Hall for a day or two. We want to see everyone, but time’s going to be pressed.

Pray that everything will work out!



6 thoughts on “Coming for a Visit!!!

  1. Adam Tucker

    Come on down, we are having church that night and I know that everyone would love to see you guys. We love you and will be praying.

    Adam T.

  2. dramagirl

    Yea.yea..We will be so glad to see you guys.Yes FC is having services that sunday night so come and see lots of friends at the same time.LOL Can’t wait.

  3. Amanda Horton

    Hi friends!! It has been good to read about you both. I can’t get to this page at work, so I have had a lot of catching up to do today. Jenny and I are trying to plan a weekend to come see you. I love you both, and I’m praying for Uprising.

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