I’m trying to throw myself into work stuff this week. We have more junk to take care of to tie up the loose ends, but I’m trying to focus my energies on giving good quality work. I’m so disinterested in the work right now. I’ve never wanted to be full-time in ministry so bad. I feel like I’m not giving the best to my company or UC.

I’m flying to Chicago next week to work from up there. We have a deadline for some stuff next Friday, so I’m going to try and make some real headway this week and really clean it up and start the next project next week. I’ve had to travel far less than I expected, but I hate missing out on Chelsea nonetheless. I will get some Doubletree cookies and awesome pizza, but do I really need it. After watching SuperSize me, I’m thinking it’s a bad idea. I think I’ll also go to Willow Creek while I’m there. It’s about 10-15 minutes from the hotel I’m staying in.

I’ve got to go spend some money on a printer so I can preview my docs around here. My quality of work will go up when I do that. I just hate spending money. My friend Rich understands me!
We have band practice tomorrow night, and we’ll have a whole band this weekend. Zack is coming up to play drums this weekend. Adam and Mandy are staying Friday night – woohoo! Fajitas on Friday!

FC – it’s been awesome to hear from you guys! I’m trying to catch up on comments, calls, and emails. If it takes me another couple of days, I’m sorry! Thank you for your prayers and keep them up!

That’s it for now!



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