Sound System

So for you non-technically-minded-folks, this may not mean much, but it’s part of the series of blogs on the behind-the-scenes layout for UC.

The YMCA is allowing us to use 4 previously hung EAW speakers (top-of-the-line). We’re running a 2K Watt amp to those. We have 4 powered speakers for rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and keys. We have another 2K Watt amp with two channels running non-powered speakers for front-of-stage/vocals and drums/bass. We have the option of running up to six auxes out of our board.

Right now we’re using a Digital Yamaha 02R with the ability to run 24 channels. Our goal is to move to an analog board within the next two weeks for more versatility. From the Yamaha we’re running into a DBX Crossover, which pushes to the 2K Watt amps and speakers and 4K Watt amp and subwoofer. If you’re not technical and still reading, all you need to know is that that’s enough to blow the roof off of the gym at the YMCA.

We’re running a 16 channel snake to the stage from the board. We have 6 mics on drums, 2 vocals, 1 mono channel for keys, bass, lead, and rhythm. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, runs direct. No amps on stage…as you can imagine, stage noise is an engineer’s nightmare…so we’re doing everything we can by eliminating amps.

Because of the design of the gym, we use two non-powered monitors to help the first few rows to get sound as big as everyone else in the room. We’re going with classic sm-57’s for the vocals. My mic is a Shure Beta. Pastor uses a senheisser flesh mic.

After we get through sunday, I’ll post about our lighting system…



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