Rehearsal Service

I’m so tired! I hurt from one end to the other!

This weekend was rehearsal weekend for our launch on the 14th. I’m so glad we did this, or we would have been in a world of hurt next weekend. The good news is that this service wasn’t advertised and we had 70 folks show up – and those 70 were servants. It reminded me of the days at FC before our building got finished, so we would go every Saturday morning and clean the building so we could have Church on Sunday. We used those terrible folding chairs and set up overhead projectorrs and a sound system every week.

As soon as dad send pictures from this weekend to me, I’m going to post them on here. We had about 35 people show up just to help setup on Saturday night. We had 6 hours to set up a brand new sound system, lighting system, and video system. We had a few “connection” problems with the sound system, but I think those should be resolved before this coming weekend. We made it through, but it wasn’t the best sound ever. You guys who’ve served with me know how I feel about excellence. The Lord deserves it, but so do the people we’re serving. The folks who came to help Saturday were awesome servants! It took about 10 minutes to lay down the flooring in the gym that made it turn into a Worship Center. The stage took about 30 minutes to set up, but I’m sure it will happen much more quickly next weekend.

We had to leave early on Saturday, so when we left, virtually nothing was “completed.” The stress level at the Daniel household was off the charts. Of course Mr. Ray wasn’t stressed at all (some day I’ll learn how to live like that). Chel and I laid in the bed and tried to work through the problems without getting to actually look at them. We went to bed around 2. Our minds were running so hard we couldn’t go to sleep. I probably got about 3 hours of sleep and Chel about 1.5 hours. We were back at the Y at 6:30. We got the video system working (though it was a little fuzzy) and we made our two lights function for the service. We still had sound issues, but we made it.

The band really locked in together. It was awesome! My leading style is different than what most Nashville musicians are used to. I was really worried about how the musicians would handle it, but they did a great job. Chad played keys, Chel the guitar and two other guys from our “Sister church” who helped. They both came and gave me a hug afterwards and said how awesome it was to get to be a part of it. I think we’re going to continue like that. The vocalists were real troopers. Because we didn’t have one converter, we didn’t have monitors for the vocalists, and they did a fantastic job. That problem will be fixed this week!

We came home after the service and took a 3-hour nap and then went to a staff meeting. I felt like it was the best staff meeting we’ve had yet. We weren’t talking about what would be…we talked about what already happened.

I learned a ton this afternoon! It was a great weekend and I have a ton of work to do, so I’ll update more later.



2 thoughts on “Rehearsal Service

  1. Randi

    Good Morning, you know the challenges are what we grow on. the mistakes are one’s that you’ll never make again, it’s just growth and process (there’s that word again) ray said everything came off well. remember some times excellance is about making the best with what you have to work with..time, lights, connectors, etc. sounds to me like the excellance was there…we just have to adjust to the situation sometimes….if you can’t fix something then why stress about it, it just makes matters more stressful! Hint, that’s part of ray’s secret! i love you guys, can’t wait to see you this weekend. much hugs to you both….R.

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