Productive Day

It was a productive day. I got work done this morning, put a new battery in the Pathfinder, assembled the screens, met with a guy and ordered curtains, finalized software for the computers, and a ton of other little things.

We’ve got to get the house cleaned up before everyone comes in this weekend. I’ve got to find material to cover the windows, track the lighting, track the staging, buy some stage stuff, pick up sound equipment, and get some more work done. We’re going to the Y tonight around 8. We want to miss the “resolution” crowd.

At some point, we’ve got to get TN tags and driver’s licenses. I’ve got to get everything switched over to my new bank this month too. Ahhh! I’m so afraid I’m fogetting things…

5 days and counting

On a good note…I got to talk to my friend B Dunn today. I sure do miss that guy!



One thought on “Productive Day

  1. Randi

    Hey Bear, you make me tired just reading your site…glad you’re 25 years younger than me, i’m not sure i could handle that pace any longer….funny tho, i used to and never miss a beat. thanks for keeping us in the loop. i love following the process thru your blog. let’s me know specifics for prayer and that you and Chels are still moving forward. you can pass out on the 15th..hey don’t go to any big hoo ha to clean the apartment for us…i think the smiths and probably the daniels have all been to some degree where you are and we’re not coming to see your house anyway. if we were, we’d make an appointment. lol anyway, we love you guys so much, can’t wait to get there and be part of it. it’s all so exciting. and of course, you know we’ll great-park-haul-splice and dice whatever you say-just point and we’re on it! hugs to you both. R.

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