I was only kiddin’

Remember that whole thing about “paying the price” and “whatever it takes,” I was only kidding. Today was terrible. I’m so exhausted, and I don’t think I accomplished that much today. I mean I would deal with people and sacrifice time and $ for whatever it takes, but carrying around lumber and driving back and forth to home depot was not what I had in mind. Oh well, I don’t guess I get to pick what areas I sacrifice in

I’m meeting with musicians everyday. I’m trying to keep up with all my work stuff which is getting increasingly involved. I’m in soooo over my head. Dad keeps telling me this is the way he learned, but I’m afriad one of my mistakes will be costly for the church, not just me. I’m feelin’ the pressure right now, but I guess that makes me perform at a better level.

I’ve got a few hours worth of work to finish yet. Yea!



One thought on “I was only kiddin’

  1. Randi

    Hey Bro. Bear! i’m personally excited about the stuff you’re involved in..yes it will grow you and i’m sure that’s exactly how your dad learned….i am totally confidant that you will succeed in all that is put before you cos that’s just who you two are…and yes, you’ll probably mess up from time to time but that’s all part of the learning process…but you guys both know that…when are you’ll coming in for Christmas??? we’ve gotten a hotel room for the 13th of Jan….you dad said something about coming on up friday night and just crashing at your place….could we do that? that would give us some time with you all that we probably won’t have once everyone gets there…or would you’ll like to have that time just with your parents which is cool too….just let me know if you think it’s an option or not…i’m good either way…we love you guys, can’t wait to see you’ll…hug yourself and chel for me….have a wonderful day! R.

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