I though I enjoyed spending large amounts of money on occasion, but purchasing items to launch UC has been a challenge. I don’t enjoy near as much as I thought. I think we’re going to land below budget on most of our items! Yea! The more money left, the more we can invest back into people. There’s nothing like investing in people.

Looks like Chel and I may be involved in youth ministry in one form or fashion. I felt a shiver up my spine when the discussion came up. LOL!

Our offices are almost done. I’m going to put some stuff in there over the next few days. We have an open-house on Saturday evening for people to come by. The offices are located inside the mall that’s about 2 minutes from our house. I need to take some pictures and post them for you guys to see… which reminds me that I need to write a thank you note for the bulletin back at FC.

We’re missing things already at the FC. I mean events – when people are sick or get engaged. Life goes on without you, but that’s hard to imagine. Our group’s going on without us…worship goes on without us. Ouch! We miss being a part, but we’re really excited about what we’re starting here.

I think we’re about to launch a massive prayer/fasting time as a staff as we get ready to launch. I’m incredibly excited about it. Nothing draws people together like suffering together. Haha!

Amanda Horton came and stayed with us this weekend. We’ve missed that girl like crazy. We haven’t spent much time with her in a long time, so this weekend was awesome. She said Chel was different since we moved – a good different, but different. I’m not sure what it is, but I know that we’ve had to grow up more since we moved here than we realized we would have to. At the same time, I feel more free than I’ve ever been before. We’re in the middle of a serious learning curve about staging, lighting, set design, projectors, and even sound. We’re challenged daily, but I like to develop and grow. Too bad we don’t have B. Dunn here to take care of all this. We wouldn’t have to worry about it at all! šŸ™‚

I heard that worship is going awesome in PB. You guys carry on and influence the lives of hundreds! I can’t wait to get reports about spiritual and numerical growth through Life Groups.

Keep praying for us…we need your prayers more and more each day!



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