Well folks, I’m going to try to do a better job with the blog. My schedule right now is insane! I’m back in snow-white Chicagoland. Chel came up here with me. My company didn’t book my hotel, so it’s been one nightmare after another trying to get things situated. We got a nice vehicle to drive up here in, but that’s about all the good news from the trip so far. Things are going to really get busy for me up here tomorrow.

In the middle of all of that, I’m also trying to finalize stage measurements so I can get quotes on theatrical lighting. It’s hard to do the latter without the former. We’re also trying to price sound equipment and finalize on our projection system. Talk about crazy! Life is crazy right now. I haven’t spend more than 3 nights at home in a row in almost 4 weeks now.

We’re having musicians and media folks over to the house on Friday night to get things rolling. I think we’ve got a whole band. Things are starting to really come together on that side of things. Chelsea and I have just about gotten a good song list for the first couple of weeks together as well.

Spike (our cat) is getting moodier and moodier about us going out of town. Hopefully the house will be in one piece when we get home.

Love you guys!



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