Hey friends!

I’m writing from the Doubletree Hotel in Chicago, IL. The room is fantastic. I’m up here for work, so no matter how fantastic the room is, it is lonely without my love. I flew up here Monday and I fly back on Thursday. I’m working with one of our clients to develop some training. We’re on an extremely tight time line, so I’ll be up here a couple more times before April is over. Hopefully I’ll get to spend time with some famiily up here before this project is over. I am in a major learning curve right now.

It looks like I’ll be coming up here again next week. I think I’m going to rent a car and drive so Chel can come with me. I hate making a 10 hour drive, but if that’s what it requires to have my wife with me, so be it.

I have know doubt that this is the Lord’s provision, but it makes it extremely difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on in Nashville right now. We have sooo much to do. Purchase lights, sound equipment, video equipment, pull together a praise team. The heat is on!

This is the longest Chel and I have ever been apart from each other. It’s tough. I don’t like sleeping by myself. I do, however, love Doubletree cookies, which could be a real problem for me over the next couple of months. I think next week when Chel comes up we’re gonna go to Daley Plaza and see the Christmas tree and walk around the “german christmas festival,” or something like that.

Being home last week was bitter-sweet. I’ve never been so excited to see my parents before in my life. Their hugs made life so much better. At the same time, being back at FC opened up some wounds that I thought might heal in Nashville. It’s nothing the Lord can’t take care of. Though I’m sure I’ll never “give up” on home, a part of me was glad to leave PB problems in PB when we drove out Sunday morning.

I went and had dinner by myself tonight. I think it was the first time I’ve been to an sit down restraunt by myself – ever. I don’t like being alone in that setting for some reason.

I think my next door neighbors at the hotel are Japanese and their kid is loud. I hope they go to bed soon. Speaking of that – I believe I’ll do it now.


Our office (UC) is really coming together.


One thought on “Chicago

  1. Mandy Tucker

    Hey guys just wanted to tell you that I love and miss you guys. I hope the snow is pretty in Chicago.
    God will work everything out for ya’ll with UC. Have a awesome week I am glad that you love is able to be there with you. Be safe on your way home. Also I hope things get straightened out with the hotel and all that.

    Love Ya

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