Hogs Vs. Vols

Hey friends!

Well, catching up on all the most recent episodes of Numbers, CSI, Dog the Bounty Hunter, NCIS, and Jericoh, we had to get out of the house. I haven’t had as many hours this week as I had hoped, but I’m supposed to get more next week for sure. Without many friends to hang out with, we haven’t done much. Working out at the Y has become a welcomed part of my day. Okay, who am I kidding…it’s not that bad. Actually we didn’t make it yesterday b/c we ran short on time. We had to go pick up the projector we rented for this weekends pre-launch service.

After we picked up the projector we went and spent a few hours at the Opry Mills Mall. It was fantastic. It’s gigantic. You walk and walk and walk and it never ends. Chel and I have decided that for our next date night we’re going to play glow golf at the Opry Mills. It’s miniature golf in black lights. Pretty sweet, huh? We picked up two Arkansas T-shirt to wear to Pastor Joe’s tonight. It’s the big night, and if the razorbacks don’t win tonight, we’re going to pay for it for an entire year. Come on Mustain, pull us through! Back to last night – we got the only AR shirts in the entire mall – can you believe it? They were the right sizes for us…how cool is that! We went and had Apple Cider at the Apple store (it was delicious – makes me so excited about visiting Silver Dollar City next week in Branson). We had a great time, came home and watched another episode of CSI and went to bed.

We had a staff meeting at 8AM this morning…evidently God gets up early for these folks in TN. He told me never to wake him up before 10AM on Saturdays. J/K! We had a productive meeting…especially since we know funding is coming our way. It take a lot of pressure off of us worrying about how we’re going to get started. I think we’ve picked out some office space in a local mall and we’ll be moving into in the next week or so. We’re still trying to figure out what everything’s going to look like in the gym when it’s all said and done. We’re tossiing ideas back and forth trying to figure out what look we want. It’s hard to take a gym and make it look…well..non-gymish. I’ll put some pics of the Y on here later so you can see where we’ll be meeting.

We can only seat 239 in the gym due to fire codes, so I’m not sure where we’re going to put all of the people. We’ve got 44 confirmed for Sunday night, so we should expect another 15-20. That would put us at 25% capapcity for the gym already. We’re trying to figure out what rooms we’re going to use as overflow and start looking into renting sound systems for the first week to find out what kind of a position we’ll be in. We’re thinking we’ll send out 50,000 pieces of direct mail with an avg of like 2.7 people per home that would give us access to 135,000 people and if we only get .5% return, we would see nearly 700 people just from the cards. WOW! You know me, my concern is, how will we take care of them. Shepherding folks is my passion, whether it be in worship or discipleship, I want to see people mature. How awesome would it be to have 800-900 people the first week?

Our projects right now include designing a new logo (signage, invite cards, etc.), designing a new web page, and getting the first message series together. It’s so exciting but so overwhelming all at the same time.

Larry and Nancy Brakebill are coming by the house this afternoon on their way back to PB. I’m excited to get to see them. We’re going to have an early dinner with them and then we’re heading to Joe’s to see the Razorbacks play. I haven’t even seen who’s picked for the game. It doesn’t matter, Arkansas going to cream ’em. I’ve been working on the fight song with Chel this afternoon, but you guys know how I am if I don’t have a screen to cue off of. LOL!

Keep praying that God will send us the musicians we need!

Love you guys!



4 thoughts on “Hogs Vs. Vols

  1. Cheddar_ange

    I’ll come play the banjo for you..and im also a very talented spoon player… Oh yeah…you should get chels a puppy. Just a little hint…I love you guys.

  2. Lonnie


    You’re working out at the Y? Say it ain’t so! Good for you. I hope all is well. You’re still with GP? Drop me an e-mail Bro.

    Love you guys,

    Lonnie W.

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