Good afternoon, all!

I’ve finally gotten some work done today. It kills me to just sit around the house. I’m sure the folks back in PB will be glad to see their projects move ahead anyway.

I spent a couple of hours last night crunching numbers and trying to put together a startup budget…it’s making me appreciate my dads skills and experience more and more with each passing minute. Pastor Joe had a meeting with an individual this morning and it appears that UC will be receiving financial support from an individual who wants to help start new churches. What a blessing! January 14th, here we come!

It looks like UC will be launching as a non-denominational church, but our doctrine will look almost identical to the SBC doctrine – much like FC.

I haven’t said anything about Ted Haggard on here yet, but I must say how much it saddens me for his staff. I can only imagine how heart broken they are and how deceived they must feel. Dad got a chance to spend a week with their interim pastor (Ross Parsley) a few years ago and I got to meet him and talk with him for a little bit at a Worship Conference I went to a few years ago. He’s a fantastic speaker and I’m confident he’ll do a phenomenal job leading the church through this trying time. I pray that God will bind them together and heal their broken hearts!

It feel like this isn’t real…you know, like we’re just on vacation. Like we’re coming home on Friday. It’s been awesome to get more time with Chel, but it sure does feel odd. We joined the YMCA on Monday night and I went and did my first workout – a 2 mile jog. Wow! We’re going to head back up there sometime this afternoon and do it again. The type of work we’re about to begin will require more energy than I’ve ever had, so I know I have to make the adjustments in my lifestyle to get healthy.

Chel got a phone call from Guitar Center and they’re setting up an interview. We haven’t heard anything from Lifeway, but we’re confident that the Lord will pull things together as he sees fit. I got an email from one of the prospective contractors today and they want me to hop on their projects, but now I’ve got the stuff for work. It would pay the same…I’ve got to figure out where to go from here. I think I need to follow through with my commitment to my company, of course it doesn’t hurt that the stuff with work will have more long-term hours than the Nashville stuff would, but I need to follow through with my committment nonetheless.

The pastoral staff has a conference here in Nashville on Monday next week and then I’ve got a few meetings on Tuesday followed by a drive to Branson. We were hoping to get to stay out there with mom and dad, but they’re going to have to leave as soon as we get there. Bummer! We’ll see them sometime during the weekend of Thanksgiving. I guess that’s it for now!



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