Didn’t Wait Long

Well, I guess it didn’t take long for me to get back on and start blogging again.

Chel had her interview at 3:00 and was in with the folks for nearly an hour. She said it went well. She’s not confident that she got this particular position, but she is confident they are going to contact her to work for them, if only on a part-time basis. Unfortunately, we must have some income from her to make ends meet here. Our rent increased by over 3-fold what we were paying in WH. FC took care of us so that we could walk through this transitional time, and I’m not sure that we could say thank you enough. I think that once we get rockin’ and rollin’, I’m going to put some videos together and send them back in case Bro. Bill wants to play them for the church.

I was so sad to hear of Graysn Dunlap’s death. What a tragic loss. For those who don’t know, Grasyn was probably between 12 and 14 months old. He had suffered with multiple health problems during his short life, and one of those problems resulted in his death last night. Jennifer and Hubert are very dear to me. They’ve had a rough go of it for the past 2-3 years. Please pray for them to continue to be drawn to the Father during this time.

Our staff meeting last night was really good. Some might not see it that way, but any time we can dig down into the meat of our methods for discipleship and conducting groups, I eat it up. Pastor Joe has to make the final decision, but he does a fantastic job of hearing us out.

There haven’t been too many tears at our house since my parents left. I think it’s because none of this feels realy. It’s like when you first get married and you feel like you’re “playing house.” It’s our stuff on the walls and shelves, but it feels like we’re just on vacation for a week. I think it’s going to hit hard this coming weekend.

The pace for us is so extremely different. I’ll be working from home starting tomorrow. Some days will require more hours and some less. That puts us home together all day long, which is great to us, but I don’t want to feel like we’re hiding from the world. I think we’re going to have tomorrow night at home, visit another church on Wednesday, go have dinner with some of the staff members on Thursday, and then I don’t know what the weekend will hold. There’s definitely plenty to do in Nashville.

Saturday is the Arkansas/Tennessee game, and you folks need to be interceeding on the behalf of the Hogs. It’s going to be ugly for us here in Nashville if we lose. We might have to hide the Hog on our front purch. LOL! We’re wondering how long it will be before we come home to an orange hog.

My networking meeting this morning was good. Nothing too exciting, but it gave me the chance to begin connecting with other professionals in the Nashville area. I got to tell some stories and might have even gained some favorable opionions in the meeting. We’ll see how it develops.

I think I’m going to have to upgrade this computer to be able to work from it. It runs really slow, and I don’t even have MS Office on it yet. It looks like a fellow FCer got my position at work, so I’ll get to train them over the coming weeks.

I’m going to really miss the E-Love folks. What a blessing you guys have been. We hope to start a connect group in our house sometime in January that has the purpose of worship and intercession. We had to make a hard call about whether or not to be here on Christmas Eve. I think most everyone understood our decision to go home for the entire weekend, but I fear it will damage the perceiption of other staff members. I must set a precedent on how important my family is to me. We will be driving in on Thursday or FRiday December 21/22 and staying through the 25th. Then I’ve got to get back here and work.

I’ve got to get this office in order.

Love you guys,



One thought on “Didn’t Wait Long

  1. Anonymous

    Just signed up so I can blog which you and Chel and be “in the know” or have the 411 on ya. O.K. That’s my ghettonese that I often get slammed for because LT says I sound too “English white parliament” to be speaking the PB lingo.

    Man, I miss you guys!!! I didn’t realize how much until I read this blog and saw your shout out to E-Love and felt this surge of tears come over me, which is no good when I’m at work and have mascara streaks down my face(Extravagant Love for ya’ll unfamiliar…go to http://www.familychurch.ws and check out the link to it). WE MISS YA’LL!!!!!! Where else are you going to meet a radical-rag-tag- sold-out-to-Jesus-Victory-chanting-overcoming-warrior-group of folks like us? Oh, yeah, in your new ministry at UC!!!

    Thank you for preparing us to go boldly into the throne room of grace because we are on our way; and, thank you for teaching us how to extravagantly love our Father. I’ve always had a heart of worship, but as you know, it was you who taught me how to worship with a pure heart and to sing from that pure heart. I pray we will all have that heart and I pray that you will be able to carry that into your new ministry.

    Remember, “God is faithful, by whom ye were called into the fellowship of His son Jesus Christ our Lord.” 1 Corinthians 1:9 (KJV) Ya’ll have trusted Him and Him alone on your journey and have stepped out big-time in faith to go to the new land into fellowship with His son. He’s going to do some awesome things in you, with you and through you and I so look forward to watching it unfold.

    Hey Chel…hope you don’t mind, but I’ve taken your Wed. Churchill’s timeslot with LT. Notice I didn’t say “filled your spot” because there’s no way I could do that as that’s a big slot to fill and it’s just for you.

    I love and miss you both!!! You still owe me a Popeye’s night!

    Texas Ranger (a.k.a. Leann)
    (That’s LT’s new name for me…get it…Walker Texas Ranger)

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