I’m sorry I haven’t updated much this week. I’m swamped at work. Got to get everything turned over to other people and I won’t every project in excellent standing when I turn it over. We’re meeting at our house at 6AM on Friday, loading the truck and leaving by 8 AM. Wow! I crashed emotionally last night, but I guess that’s going to happen a couple more times in the next few weeks.

Chelsea has an interview with Lifeway on Monday at 3PM. Please pray! That’s the job she really wants, and we could use something with benefits! I’m going to wait till after the interview and if it doesn’t look good, I’ll go get a high deductible plan from BCBS or something like that.

I’ve locked into the 4 month part-time stuff, but it looks like I’ll be working on some other training materials for another contract. From where we’re sitting now, things are looking really good.

We’re going to take pictures of the apartment as we’re moving in and if I can get them posted (which is most difficult on Blogger for some reason), you guys can see where we live.

A guy from our apartment complex found our blog and he’s a believer. We’re going to have dinner with he and his family sometime soon. That’s fun.

I guess that’s all I have time for now…



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