Hey guys!

I don’t usually update if I’m not at work, but I wanted to drop by and let you guys in on somethings you could pray about. I think I’ve mentioned the possibility of a consulting gig which would pay big and allow a lot of flexibility, but it turns out that possibility is still about 4-6 weeks away and we can’t wait that much longer. The good news is the first project I was going to start consulting for might want me to come and work for them on a full time basis. They want to do an informal interview on Friday, which means I’ve got two interviews to take care of when I get in town on Friday. Woohoo!

For those of you here in Arkansas, you know sports has never been…well…of any interest to me. These days it seems like the Hogs are just something else I can identify as home. I told Chel she may see a whole new Matthew. Haha! One thing I know, the Hogs took care of Auburn today! The only thing we ask is that they beat Tennessee, or we’ll never live it down in Nashville.

We’re singing an awesome song at church tonight that I’m pretty pumped about! We’ll see how it goes…I’m praying the HS would fall and none of us would know what to do! Have an awesome evening!


P.S. Looks like we’re going to be able to move into the apartments we believed were right for us, and even looks like we’re going to have picks of a few different ones. I don’t put my hope in anything but Christ these days, so if it doesn’t pan out – no worries. The Lord is faithful.


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