Come Now!

I was just listening to a song by Jason Upton and I feel like his words are the words of the Father calling out to me:

Come now
Let’s reason together
Come now
Where blood turns to wool
Come now
Where fire is the measure
Come now
Where fools turn into gold
Come way beyond the veil!

I feel like now is a time in my life where He’s calling to me from the other side of the veil. I feel like I have an open invitation to come into the holiest place. Wow! What a dynamic time…everything is changing. It’s happening. Not only am I moving to a place where I must know more than I’ve ever known before, I’m moving to a place where I must love more than I’ve ever loved, hurt more than I’ve ever hurt, touch more than I’ve ever touched, see more than I’ve ever seen. I’m standing on the edge and the father is calling, come on…come on…”Peter, you wanted to walk on the water and now I’m calling you out.” Step out! There’s no life jacket for this pool. Know ahead of time that you’re walking into the fire where the impure becomes the purified, the poor becomes the rich and the empty becomes the filled. This is the time and Nashville is the place.

A couple of years ago, God gave me this chorus that I don’t know has ever been more relevant:

I have counted the cost
I will pay the price
I have heard your call
and I will lay down my life

This is what God gave me this weekend about this time in my life:
Cause He’s held my hand
and Caught my tears
healed my heart
and calmed my fears

Someday, I’m actually going to write a whole song that has a verse and chorus, but until then, I’ll keep singing what God gives me when he gives it to me.


We’re having a blast right now getting together with folks before we go. We’re having dinner with someone almost every night of the week and it’s so much fun. Sometimes I have a hard time finding the balance in talking about Nashville and not sound self-absorbed. I guess that’s why I’m glad I blog. It gives me a chance to get all of that out.

I got a call from a gentleman (also a believer) who’s got some contract work that he’d like me to do for him in Nashville. I’m hoping that this would pan out because it would give me freedom to do ministry stuff and work my schedule around it. If it’s not a possibility now, I think this gentleman will give me a chance to do it later. I also have my interview schedule at Little Planet next Friday afternoon. Yea!

More to come later!



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