Trip to Nashville

Hey folks!

Chel and I and my mom and dad are making a trip to Nashville tomorrow evening and we’ll be back this weekend. They’re going to get a chance to meet Joe and we’re going to do some more apartment hunting. Finding an apartment seems like it’s just going to be a gamble no matter what. I guess that’s what happens when you give the control up on having your own place. Chel and I are nervous about living in rooms connected to other folks. Though we haven’t ever fished in it, we love having a pond in the back yard and the beauty of the woods around us to enjoy. This is definitely going to be an adjustment for us.

In other news – Chel found a cat on the church Saturday night that has come to stay (NOT LIVE) with us for the time being. I kind of liked not having cats clawing on the couch and trying to escape the house. After Fathead died in May, I thought our next animal would be a dog, but Chel’s getting pretty attached to “Spike.” I think there’s some little girl out there who’s missing her kitten (Spike’s about 3 months old) and she wants him back. Chelsea doesn’t see things quite the same way.

We’ve started packing a lot of our decorations and giving away old clothes, next items to pack are our dishes. I’m afraid we’re going to lose half of our stuff in the transition. Niether of us are very good packers – we’ve never had to do this before. God is stretching us like crazy these days. I hate feeling torn between two cities and two churches. I am going through di(2)vision. We don’t want to leave home, but we’re so ready to establish our new home. The biggest transition in all of this is leaving my parents, but looking at Genesis 12 and seeing the steps that Abraham had to take, I feel like I have someone to follow. Abraham’s willingness to leave his father’s tent is what led him to seeing God’s promises for his life fulfilled. I guess that’s what’s happening with us.

By the way, I watched the special last night and no one should panic, Dog (the bounty hunter) is out of jail and back at home until the Mexican and American officials decide what they’re going to do. LOL! 🙂



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