Did I finish it all?

So, just because I’m moving to Nashville for a while doesn’t mean that I lose touch with you folks or don’t get to have impact on you, but as I feel my time here in PB drawing to a close, I wonder if I’ve completed all the tasks I should have. Let’s not engage in a round of false humility and responsive encouragement. What I mean is, did I finish the tasks assigned to me. I’m feeling the crunch. There are people all over FC that I have dreamed for – people I have seen more for than they could see right where they were sitting. Men and women I know who are called to lead worship that I’ve taken the “long way” to encourage them to go deeper and engage in their calling. Has that “patience” meant that now I won’t be there to give encouragement where I should have pushed just a little harder? I’m in the middle of some “last ditch” efforts to see people develop and I’m afraid that I’ll leave them hanging. Sorry this blog is so deep, but it’s really weighing heavy on my heart. This is not to say that I am the only one who can have that input in folks’ life, but to say that I will stand accountable before the Lord for that.

After last night’s S.A.L.T. meeting, I must say that I am sad that the Lord is pulling us away from here right now. If ever there were an exciting time to be a part of what God is doing in PB, the next six months is it. The vision that Bro. Bill was sharing last night looks like it’s going to be a ton to chew on and work through – but it looks like it will be rewarding. One of the questions Pastor asked last night was about what drives you to that point that you just say “I can’t stand it anymore.” I think the things that drive me to that point would definitely include ministries that lack excellence, and people who don’t know how to love God. I feel like both of those things are pivotal to this new work we’re going to be a part of.

It’s so odd to work with people who don’t do things like you know them. My wife has only visited about a 1/2 dozen other churches in her life and has only faithfully attended FC since she gave her life to Christ 7 years ago. Being with other believers last weekend reminded us that not everyone thinks like we do. Not everyone practices their faith like we do. That doesn’t mean their wrong, it just means they see things differently. Some of our “staple” songs are completely unfamiliar to us. At FC, when it’s time to pray for someone, we’re immediately stretch out our hands toward them and start praying out loud – never in chaos – but always together in unity. Not everyone does that and I completely forgot that. The good news is, that’s going to require me to refamiliarize myself with where some of the “traditions” that I do have developed from. What do we base those things on? Do they benefit me or not?

I found out today that my company needs some Instructional Designers for a contract that might allow me to work from Nashville – which means I wouldn’t have to cash in my PTO and prove myself to another company again. I should hear more about that next week. I’m still not sure where the balance is between having fatih and keeping your hopes from being crushed – I guess I’ll find it some day. 🙂 Chel thinks she found a 1,500 SF apartment for $800, which is outrageous by Nashville terms. I’m afraid it’s run down, but I’m going to contact them this weekend or at the beginning of next week.

That’s all for now!



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