Building a Team

I’m sure that many of my posts will end up repeating things over and over again (Shannon-Don’t read them if they get “too repetative” for you…LOL!), but I guess that’s because some of the same things are rolling through our heads day in and day out.

We go to Nashville this weekend for a Vision Meeting. We’re a little nervous because this is actually their first time to hear us lead worship in person. Hopefully they won’t want to get rid of us right away. Moving to Nashville is like moving from the pitching machine into the Major Leagues. Nashville is filled with incredible musicians and worship leaders. Rumor has it that Jeff Deyo (former worship leader for Sonic Flood) will be there. Talk about pressure :)! It’s just going to be Chel on the guitar, me on the keys and a female vocalist by the name of Kristah (boy, does she not know what she’s getting herself into). We actually met her last time we were up there and I hope it goes well.

For those of you who’ve been on the praise team or band with me, you know song lists are “relative” at best. I always tend to overprepare by a couple of songs and go wherever we need to. The crowd this weekend could be anywhere from 25 people to 75 people – we have no idea. I’m sure all of the people there will be believers, but I don’t know what kind of background they come from. We’re wanting the music at UC to be “edgy” and engaging, but we’ve got to incorporate songs this weekend that will use stuff they already know to make them more comfortable. There’s nothing quite like singing in front of 50 strangers, and they feel the pressure in their seats as much as we will feel it leading. We’ll probably start with a classic like “Open the Eyes.” That should make everyone feel comfortable, but I’ve got to figure out how to put the “edge” into this weekend group meeting. I was able to find an awesome video to go with the message. ( As everyone at FC knows, “without a vision the people will parish!”

So here’s the deal, we have to build a praise team (vocalist), a praise band (keys, drums, bass, electric), a tech team (sound engineer, lighting, video) and all of this by January. This is going to be an adventure. If you want to know how to pray for us specifically, pray that God would begin sending us the musicians and technicians we need to be ready to launch Uprising Church on January 14, 2007.


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