A New Era

I believe that the month of September 2006 will be a month in which one chapter of our lives closes an another opens.

We’ve believed for years that God was going to call us away from FC but we didn’t have any idea where and when. This month we got our answer – Nashville, TN and now. Chelsea and I are moving to Nashville as soon as I get a full time job there. Yes, you heard me correctly, another full time job. We’re excited to get to be a part of a “new work” in Nashville, which means we’ll continue to receive our income from a non-ministry job until the church grows to the point that it can support us. It’s a part of the “paying the price” and “whatever it takes” mindset that are necessary to get the ball rolling.

This “new work” is call Uprising Church (www.uprisingchurch.org). The Uprising is launching in January 2007 in Bellevue, TN (part of Nashville-metro). Chelsea and I will be serving as the worship pastors for the church. We’re not sure we really know what we’re getting into just yet. 🙂 The church already has one home group or “connection group” meeting now and we’re going up there this weekend to lead worship and see the vision and attend the group. We’ve got to purchase the equipment, put a band together and put a praise team together. We have 3 months to get it all in place – this is going to be some kind of adventure.

I’ll be posting things along the way to let everyone know how things are progressing.

We love you FC!



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